Getting a reading is an important matter to consider. Trust, being the biggest concern, is certainly something that needs to be taken into consideration, as well as experience. You can read about my experience as a reader here. You can also see my reviews from satisfied clients around the internet, if you take the time to look.

I have several ways to get a hold of me, because I never want you to feel as though I am not there for you, but if I am not available due to being with a client, I won’t be able to respond until I have finished with the client. If I am not around to be able to do your reading, with friends, family, vacation day, etc., I will respond to your request to let  you  know. I always prefer that you schedule a reading with me, but if you need to talk or chat immediately, I will do everything in my power to become available for you.

Below, you will see the types of readings that I offer, along with links that you can follow to my site, that will allow you to accept the terms and conditions, as well as to make your purchase and schedule a time to speak with me.

Types of Readings that I Offer:

Phone Reading

Chat Reading

Email Reading