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When you have a reading with me, I not only want it to be an experience for you, but I also want you to be able to get the most out of it that you possibly can. I always do my best readings when there is plenty of time to cover, in full detail, the aspects of the past, present, and future of the situation that you are questioning, but I also understand that there are circumstances which can prevent this from happening, such as the amount of money that you have available to you, or the amount of time that YOU have. That being said, if you choose to add only one minute at a time, we can absolutely work with that, but it won’t be as informative, complete, or even precise as being able to spend 10-20 minutes with me per topic that you are questioning.

To accommodate time spent, it is always helpful if you have already typed out your questions, so that you can copy and paste the information, giving me time to read, without you have to spend precious time actually typing into the chat. A lot of readers don’t prefer this, but with me, so long as you are being reasonable in giving me the time that it takes to read and respond, this is very helpful. I am faster at reading than typing, of course, but I do type up to 90 WPM, to help to provide you with the most information as possible.

I see all sorts of people, calm, frantic, anxious, scared, and even excited. I can connect to all energy levels, so you do not have to worry about what I will think of you, or how I will respond, based on how you are presenting yourself to me. You be YOU! That is the best thing that you can do when we have a reading. If we talk on the phone, I do tend to talk fast, so that I can give you as much information as possible, but if you need me to slow down, tell me so, and I Will be more than happy to. When plenty of time is allowed for in a chat, I can type for between 2 and 3 minutes, which can give you up to 270 words to read, while I type the next paragraph. This is where you already having your followup questions can be helpful, but I also try to take into account, based on what I feel and based on what the cards say, what you might ask, based on what I have told you. But you being able to have your information already typed, so that you can copy and paste absolutely saves time.

I am very patient and calm, and I absolutely do not judge and I will never demean or belittle you for anything that you might say, even if you come back by at a later point to tell me that you didn’t follow my advice. We can always get things back on track, of course, unless irreparable damage has been done, but that is a very, very rare occasion. If I see that a situation won’t work out in the way that you want, I will be honest with you, and will tell you so. I don’t want a situation where you find yourself wasting your time on trying to bring forward love, a career, or any other aspect of your life which can be wrought with futility. But I will always tell you what I see, and I will be honest with you about what different choices you have to bring yourself forward. My goal is to guide and heal, through the most difficult of situations.

In any reading that we have, my top priority is not watching the clock, but rather is YOU and what I can do to lead you in a forward way, to bring about positive and uplifting change. I also strive to give you the tools that you need to understand how you have arrived at the position that you are in, to hep to avoid this in the future, which is also conveyed in the deepest messages of my readings. For those of you that feel hope is lost, bringing you to a point of being able to see your situation, perhaps in a way that you haven’t looked at it, is often able to rectify the nature of your path that has brought about the hardships and challenges that you have faced. My purpose on here is to help YOU, and to show you the ways that you are able to bring yourself the position of happiness, tranquility, and peace that you are seeking, in all matters for life and love. I welcome debate, if you think that what I am telling you sounds difficult, or even if you feel that taking a specific action that shows in our reading doesn’t sound as though it will help. I assure you, I will never lead you to a position that will cause you to bring detriment, if the steps that I provide are followed, of course, unless the cards and my own psychic abilities are showing that they are irreparable, in which case, I will tell you.

For those of you that I have never talked to, chatted with, or done an email reading for, I am excited to meet you, to have the opportunity to guide you through your situation. And for those of you that I have talked to once or a hundred times, I am always excited to hear from you, even if you come back with difficult news. We will always work together to bring about the positive changes that you need, to ensure that your path gains the stability that you need, and the peace that you are seeking, as well.

I hope to hear from you, very soon!

Best Wishes,


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