The Ladder of Happiness: Climbing the Seven Chakras through Personal Care & Self-Love

Written by Draven Grey

Yoga man in lotus pose with chakra symbols
Yoga man in lotus pose with chakra symbols


A motto I have often taken for myself is “there is nobody I would rather be, than me.” This, I am certain, to many, could be construed as a conceited statement, but this adage has allowed me to realize the benefits of loving myself in such a way that it has allowed me to realize my value and worth, without which, I am very certain, others would fail to see the value of myself as a human being. We all have value and for some of us, that is easier to find within ourselves, but if we know where to look, we will find the base of the ladder, using it to climb our way to a significant understanding for who we are and who we are meant to become. Love yourself, above all else, and you will understand how to love someone else. For if you can’t love even yourself, then how might another feel love from you and return that love in the same capacity?

For myself, I found this by gaining, at first, a basic understanding for the seven Chakras, and through a fundamental position of openness to the inner-light that is able to reflect in each of us, I have been able to create a position of happiness for myself through finding value in myself. This has led me to a position of building a life with someone that shared with me the strongest connection that I have ever had with another person, the love of my life.

As cliche as it sounds, “the Universe works in mysterious ways.” This is a statement that I have heard my entire life, which has, at many points, frustrated me, but gaining an understanding for the synchronicity that life has to offer, it has created an openness toward discovering my own spirituality and the positions of love that I have been able to emanate after having had locked it deep within myself. For me, this journey didn’t start with Chakras, but I have found, in studying them, an openness to the world around me that I truly don’t feel would have been available, had I not kept an open mind to the positions of spirituality that I discovered.

In this series, I wish to use my writing to show basic positions in life that we have all been through, as a means for hopefully leading to a path of self discovery. To fully understand the function, purpose, and position of Chakras, it would take someone twelve lifetimes, and I want to be clear, there are lots of resources and many, many ways to affect the Chakras, most of which won’t be found in this article, but I do hope that this is able to offer some guidance to understand the mindset of happiness and the dispositions that one might consider bringing forward for themselves, in order to achieve a greater level of openness to themselves. Hinduism is derived from the work written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest written languages in the world. According to Hinduism, the seven Chakras are “wheels of light,” and reign over various points in the body. According to Hinduism, imbalanced Chakras can create mental and physiological hindrances in the body, but also provides instructions for how to find proper balancing.

The forthcoming information will include steps that you can take to find balance in each Chakra, will include information about how to understand the placement of each Chakra, and will also include resources for being able to feel the structure of each Chakra, as it is placed in each of us. This will include examples for each position on the ladder, the modalities of food, techniques, and other such factors to attain balance, and will provide the additional information that will be able to help you to feel more in tune with the body, mind, and spirit. Should you have any questions

The First Step: Balancing, Spiritually Healing, and Being Grounded in Muladhara, the First Chakra


The Root Chakra gets its name from being the lowest of the seven Chakras, as it is present at the base of the spine, and is a feminine energy, because of its receptive nature for the influences that most deeply impact an individual. Known in Sanskrit as Muladhara, this Chakra is associated with the element of earth, because of its stature being ingrained in stability (or a lack thereof) and is associated with the Kundalini. This Root Chakra is associated with the skeletal structure, as well as the vertebral column and an individual’s legs and feet. In visualizing the ladder, this Chakra can be seen as the first rung, but can also be visualized as the frame of the ladder, itself. As is commonly known, this Chakra dictates our “fight or flight” response and is arguably the most important Chakra, because if it is not aligned and balanced, then it is such that none of the other Chakras can be properly balanced.

The root chakra is associated with one’s comfort zone. The larger the comfort zone is, the more hindering the root chakra is able to be. The things we most want and desire are outside of the span of our comfort zone and so it is such that when there is a hindrance for stepping outside of this self imposed chamber, stagnation is able to exist and it becomes increasingly challenging to step beyond the realm of that which we find to be comfortable. No one likes to be uncomfortable, but with practice, everything from public speaking to dancing silly, like no one else is watching, can become that extra special part of a person. When we are able to be passive to that which we want, in such a way that we are never willing to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, we are able to find a greater struggle that tends to lead to missed opportunities which easily lends itself to regret.

The first Chakra governs personal stability and can manifest, when out of balance, insecurities that can be difficult to suppress. Insecurity is a position that allows us to take actions which are based out of fear, as opposed to logic and rationale. Feelings of insecurity and instability manifest by virtue of constant worry about finances, health, and positions found in the world that no single person can have control over. When great worry is felt and strife is imminent, this can create insecurities, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness, paranoia, and uproot the stance of fortitude that would otherwise be able to be created. Worrying if people are angry or upset with you, when nothing is wrong, is a great indication for insecurity, and very well could mean that the Root Chakra is out of balance.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt is abundant in the world, but understanding the characteristics of fear, realizing that by virtue of the nature of life, itself, that its is uncertain, and seeing invalid doubt in oneself can help to overcome these positions. Making decisions out of irrational fear, as opposed to governing one’s life via logic, can create challenges that are so often able to hinder forward progress. For example, fear of leaving the house, getting on a plane, and going to a business meeting across the country, therefore deciding to cancel the trip altogether and risk losing one’s job, is an example of an irrational fear. Planning for the best and preparing for the worst is how one can find a greater balance, which is able to create a stronger mode of fortitude. Now, nervousness for how the meeting will go, if the plane will leave on time, and worrying about getting out the door with all the bags packed is a different kind of fear, as this is able to create a position of planning and due diligence, that can actually garner stability when actions are taken like making a checklist of the days you will be gone and detailing everything that will need to be packed for each day you’re away. This is where logical positions of worry can be overcame, whereas with illogical positions of fear can be more challenging, but recognizing this can be a wonderful first step in overcoming fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Being able to recognize the things that one associates themselves with that create irrational fear can also help to recognize what work needs to be done can help to understand how to rectify imbalance that is created in the Root Chakra. If you consume a lot of news and begin to obtain a hopeless feeling as a result of what you are seeing, and you find yourself feeling fear, then this is something that can adversely affect the Root Chakra. Even something as simple as political debate can create stress in some individuals, therefore causing an illogical fear, because of the “argument” of two sides. It is far more difficult to choose a side to the argument that one is observing when the Root Chakra isn’t balanced, and can create something that is more destructive, as is the static nature of remembering that people were arguing about an issue, as opposed to having the greater security to research the issue to understand which side of the argument seems most appropriate.

It is safe to say that when we are personally insecure, it is difficult to keep a good handle on our financial stability. For some, fear of losing control over their finances is also a disabling factor for feeling balance in the Root Chakra. When financial instability is a factor, it creates stress, due to trying to have enough money for basic needs, like housing, food, and monthly bills. When one’s finances are able to go into a tailspin, it creates frustration, agitation, and fatigue. These are products of the generalized stress that is able to overcome the emotional stability that would otherwise be easier to calibrate. When such instability is present, it makes it difficult to focus on other matters, such as personal relationships, friends, family, etc., especially when this instability is kept on the inside, disabling a position that would allow it to be talked out. Being able to open up about challenges that are occurring financially can help to form a sense of evaluation, as opposed to feed into a nature of perpetual worry. Having a good support system, whether this stems from family, a significant other, or co-workers, is something that people inherently need. Other people can help to make us feel safe and can even offer solutions to problems that, otherwise, were unable to be thought of properly, because of fear stepping in the way.

Is My Root Chakra Balanced?

One simple question can provide a stronger understanding of issues that exist in the Root Chakra, which can more easily open the door toward understanding how the Root Chakra can be balanced and healed. Am I grounded? To be grounded means that you feel safe, secure, and can handle changes without intense anxiety or pressure. This is the most important position that a person can achieve, because without being in a grounded place, everything from poverty to riches can be drastically affected. Not being grounded can mean that you don’t feel safe in your own home and can dictate how you handle various situations in your life. Using a reasoned stance to create such improvements requires being completely and utterly honest with oneself, which can prove to be a challenge for many. Purposeful dishonesty, especially with oneself can be a sign of the Root Chakra being off balanced, especially when such dishonesty is for the sole purpose of trying to bring about a more grounded feeling in one’s life.Of course, this is far and away from a simple yes or no question, but this is to simply recognize if further investigation needs to be done.

14 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do you have everything you need to make life comfortable?

2. Are you financially stable?

3. Are you satisfied with your job?

4. Do you feel that you chose the right career for yourself?

5. Do you struggle living with everyday decisions?

6. Are your morals, ethics, and values strong?

7. Are you comfortable with your current living situation?

8. Do you feel connected to your environment?

9. Do you have a strong and satisfactory support system ingrained within you?

10. Do you have a strong and satisfactory support system in a coworkers, friends, a spouse, children, or other family

11. If you live away from family (especially those that may make you feel the most grounded), do you feel that your roots are strong enough to continue to feel a grounded stance from them while you’re away?

12. Do you feel that you can live anywhere that might interest you?

13. Do you have looming fears of death, stability and security, or a fear of losing someone you love (if there is no sign that they’re leaving this world anytime soon?

14. Do you feel as though you’re a great resource for instilling change, when it is time to go in a different direction (when it comes to spirituality, finances, love, career, and health)?

If you have answered “no” to any of the previous questions, it is very important that you allow yourself to take steps to rectify these positions, so that you can become grounded in every step of your life and to be able to become balanced in the next six Chakras. An imbalanced Chakra can be healed, if a clear understanding is gained for how such improvements need to be taken forward. Consult with a doctor or healthcare professional before attempting any changes to your diet, exercise, and other regimen.

7 Steps to Balance the Root Chakra

Step One: Ground Yourself in Your Environment

This article has talked a lot about the importance of being grounded, because this is the most important position when dealing with the nature of chakras so that the greater balances that are required for the chakras to work with the rest of the body can be harmoniously achieved. The more grounded you are in your immediate surroundings, by being near things that bring enjoyment to you, the easier it will be for how you will see things reaching a position for starting to ground yourself.

Step Two: Find the Best Ways for Yourself to Connect to the Earth

Taking a walk on unpaved paths, especially when you can do so, in such a way that it is comfortable to remove your shoes, can help to create a connection, even if small, to the earth. Gardening, planting seeds, and making sure that your hands interact with the soil, are ways that you are able to establish a more solid position of groundedness. Visualization of yourself being properly connected to the element of earth and even the earth itself and meditating on this visualization are other ways that you are capable of feeling this closeness to the earth, if you do not have proper access to a garden.

Step Three: Participate in Physical Activity that Doesn’t Leave You Feeling Overextended

The physical body is able to complete cycles of stress that manifests itself in a more physiological way, if the Root Chakra is balanced. Anything you can do to get the body moving and raising your heart rate with your legs and feet can tremendously add balance to the First Chakra. This can create a deeper interaction with yourself that allows you to compete with yourself, set fitness goals for yourself, and use this as an opportunity to gain a sense of self respect by virtue of building trust in yourself. When your body working to create a more significant disposition of health, this creates an opening for connecting to the deepest strengths of the Root Chakra.

Step Four: Pander to the Parts of Yourself that Construct Self-Reliance

So much of where our insecurities stem from are embedded in one’s inability to trust themselves. To counter this, reinforcing the belief that you are safe, secure, confident, and function with a steady hand is very important. Knowing that failure is only an ability to bring oneself to a point of seeing a new lesson that the Universe has played out, and learning that lesson when it is placed in front of you is also able to help with the means by which self-reliance is able to be successfully achieved.

Step Five: Know Your Innermost Dreams and Aspirations So that You Can Set Goals

Knowing your hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations are all ways that you are able to help to guide yourself forward, which will give you moments of synchronicity, as you see that the Universe is capable of providing you with a deepened opportunity to establish yourself, providing you with what you need to meet those goals. This will help with the decisions that you make and will also help you to find the support system that is right for you, to be around other people that want you to succeed. Not establishing hopes and dreams can leave a person standing still, but with proper introspection to create such desire can then help to provide the proper stance of manifestation, which can enable the greater established purpose that you are able to gain. This is one of the major gifts of life, is its ability to provide us with that which we need and want. All we have to do is ask and then show the Universe that we are able to work toward gaining this greater initiative. Taking away the notion that a mistake has been made is another element of how you will be able to create a much stronger stance of purpose and fortitude. Understanding that the only limitations are the limitations that you place on yourself is something that is also able to create a bolstered position of openness to gaining a happier stance in life. Without this awareness, your decisions can be severely swayed by others, and this can take away the sense of individuality that is able to create the greater positions that will ultimately give you the power to decide your own direction, to be the author of your own story.

Step Six: Live by Fact, Not by Opinion

Part of developing confidence is set by the understanding of the importance of the opinion of others, when it comes to your own life. What an individual has to say, when it comes to the formation of opinions, is important, as it gives a basis for how we are able to use an opinion or information that isn’t our own to gauge a situation, to give it value. For example, just because someone may have taste for a particular brand of clothing, a particular style of music, or just because someone else loves the newest best-selling novel, this doesn’t mean that we should prevent ourselves from enjoying these things, just because someone else doesn’t. This can create missed opportunities in life, that enjoyment and pleasure stem from. With time, experience, and valued friendships, and individual will learn what their friends like and how they perceive the world, but going about living by virtue of what others think can be very debilitating in properly attaining the upper rungs on the ladder to happiness.

Step Seven: The Depth of Gratitude, the Height of Success, and “The Golden Rule”

Remembering, every day, to be grateful for what you have in your life, and finding opportunities to express gratitude for the moments of your life that have led you to where you are, and expressing “thanks” to the people in your life that have helped along the way can create a more solid position of success. For as deep as your gratitude is able to run, this will be able to help you to reach greater heights in your achievements. Being friends with people, not because of what they can do for us monetarily, but because of how we are able to see the value they bring in our lives can also help with how this greater stance of gratitude is able to be achieved. This is where understanding how others perceive us can be vital, as it is able to create a greater degree by which we can see the areas of our own lives that need work. Reputation can be important, if it is based on a fact based opinion, especially if someone’s opinion is able to share with us that Person X only wants to call when they want something or Person Y only calls when they have an experience to share without listening to a different story of an experience by the person that Person Y called in the first place. Being able to utilize “The Golden Rule” and to truly use the value of empathy, to contemplate how the individual that Person Y called perceived the conversation, without a skewed view can offer insight as to what steps Person Y would need to take on to be a better friend.

Additional Information to Balance Your Chakras:

Beyond the positions stated in the information above, the following can be a wonderful source for showing steps you can take to become more aligned with your innermost self. Listening to Binaural Beats, using aromatherapy, incense, consuming foods that correlate to the Chakra, and working with Chakra Stones and crystals are all wonderful ways to open yourself up to a position of healing the Chakras. The table, below, will explain the ways that one is able to recognize,spiritually heal, and balance the Root Chakras.


The First Chakra, Muladhara, the Root Chakra

Color & Sound Frequencies: Red & Black with Sound Frequencies Attuned to the Keynote of C, Mystical Center: 126 – 140, Earth Resonance: 7.83 – 14.1

Binaural Beats: 396 Hz

Aromatherapy & Incense: Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Thyme, Ylang-ylang

Foods: Any root vegetables, Carrots, Potatoes, Radishes, Beets, Onions, Garlic, Protein Rich Meats, Eggs, Beans, Parsnips, Soy, Cashews, Peanut Butter, Tofu, Beans, Rainbow Chard

Chakra Stones & Crystals: Red Jasper, Fire Opal, Hematite, Rhodochrosite, Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Red Zircon, Red Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz

Stop by next week for Step Two, and if you have questions about anything in this article or if you would like to obtain a reading with me, please feel free to come by. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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