The Book of the After

A Psychedelic Tarot Experience Written by Psychic Draven Grey with Original Artwork by “Crystalface”


Since 2014, Draven and Crystalface have been collaborating on one of the most intracite and thought provoking tarot concepts since the Rider-Waite and Thoth decks. With a purpose for bringing the old world and the new world together for the Age of Aquarius, The Book of the After reexamines the major hierarchies and archetypes of the cards, with a formulae that incorporates Planetary & Zodiac positions for each card, Western Astrological Significants, Chakras, Numerology, and Kabbalah and will give explanations for each card using characteristics and archetypes of Hinduism, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Babylonian culture, steering away from popular ideas of religion. Instead, this deck will focus on the concepts of Alchemy, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics,  and other Sciences.

The meticulous work of Crystalface corresponds to current events, embedded deeply within each card, while they are being created, as well as incorporates symbolism ancient and new. The challenging designs enable any reader of tarot to see each card as a big picture element or to see each card with as much detail as one could ever hope to gain. The Book of the After is aimed at the advanced and new reader alike, providing an experience of subliminal messaging, so that each time the cards are used, something new can be gained from the reader to the seeker.

The dazzling work by Crystalface of the Major Arcana is intended to show the span of human existence, but takes the nature of science, physics, and quantum physics into account, providing a roadmap of the history of the Universe, to create a greater understanding for how we are all connected and how each of us, no matter how small, has a role to play in life. The elements of the Tarot that have been long hidden away from even the most advanced readers will be revealed, through means of explaining the Tarot as a set of keys, with each one serving the purpose for unlocking the mystery of every other one.

The positions of the Zodiac will be thoroughly explained in each card, so that the Book of the After can be used as a means for examining oneself in a deeply profound way and can be used for establishing empathy for other individuals, cultures, and religions, while highlighting the challenges and hindrances that individuals, cultures, and religions can play in society. Suum cuique in Latin translates as “to each his own” while adhering to positions by Cicero, Persius, Basil, of Caesarea, Corpus Juris Civillis, Sayyid Qutb, Tacitus, Upian, Plato, Hippocrates, Socrates,  and Aristotle. Showing the nature of disagreement in philosophy in a non-bias capacity, to seek  quest for what is the truest philosophy and what makes mankind deemed worthy to truly have a heart of gold. Putting the placement of Justice, Strength, Liberty, and Judgment back into the archetypes, this deck aims to show the degree to which a person ought have his own will honored, while simultaneously honoring the will of someone else. Decorum, order, and reverence for the minds of those who came before, peacefully adhering to positions of morals, ethics, and metaphysics will be prominently placed in describing and laying out this version of the Tarot.

The word “psychedelic” means “expansion of the mind,” and through great care, with every pencil mark, every penned line, and every carefully placed word, our goal in this deck is to provide an understanding for the deeper meaning that life can hold, that we are all here together seeking contentment, pleasure, and purpose in life, liberty, and love. As such, it is in my greatest of hopes that the Golden Rule in conjunction wtih the Golden Ratio can beget an understanding, that each of us, coming from the same shared light, being on this earth together, can strive for a better tomorrow, perhaps by joining in peace, today. 


The tarot cards function as a road map to guide an individual through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life using archetypes that represent the creation of the Universe, the creation of Earth, and the creation of society. Written for the Age of Aquarius, this deck makes updates to the way an individual would be able to forge their way on the Tree of Life, revealing hidden positions of the tarot, without diminishing the nature of accuracy in decks that came before. Through these new revelations, the resolve of the Book of the After is to build a coherent and eye opening journey through Consciousness, the passageways of life, and into the existence of Consciousness after death, in the realms of “the After.”

In an update to the metaphysical term “Aether,” this meant to convey the significance of the duality of nature, consciousness, and is based on the position of thermodynamics which states “energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” The term “The After” is meant to convey to stance of where we go when we die, and that even though our consciousness has been here before in a different body, our consciousness will move away from this world, into the After, where it merges into the great sea of consciousness, providing the understanding of all things.

This anthology is meant to create an understanding, through harmonious positions of logic and intuition, for the nature of life and death, and the creative and destructive positions of human nature. Through astrology, numerology, and psychedelic artwork, the understanding for ancient concepts through culture, philosophies, and societies, both active and inactive in our present world, becomes realized, carrying the mind through a maze of mysticism, free-will, and fate.

The Artwork for the Major Arcana


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